Fullerton Beck was featured in the Legaltech News article, “New York Firm Becomes First to Pilot Blockchain Contract Tool, Test Efficiency, Transparency Claims,” for its participation in the Business Council of Westchester’s Innovation Network (WIN), a program designed to bring global innovation to Westchester County.

As a participant in WIN, Fullerton Beck LLP has partnered with New York-based software company ShelterZoom to pilot its blockchain-based negotiation and contract management platform, DocuWalk

The partnership, which officially launched on February 15, 2022, is ShelterZoom’s first foray into the legal sector with DocuWalk.

DocuWalk works by tracking changes in the contracting process. Its different than redlining a document in that it has a virtual negotiation room and end-to-end contract management which allows several people to be involved while each user’s actions are tracked and timed in the blockchain. 

In the article, firm co-founder Katrine Aliha Beck, shares that “[t]he ShelterZoom platform will allow the firm to work on documents [like] agreements, leases, settlement agreements, with adversaries and/or counterparts seamlessly, [so] we can craft and revise one document without the need for multiple emails and versions of the same document.”

Katrine is optimistic about the partnership and is hopeful that this technology will be a step in the right direction for evolving legal technology for the Westchester area and within the legal sector. 

Read the Legaltech News article to learn more about WIN and Fullerton Beck’s involvement.