Fullerton Beck attorney Alexandra Sued recently prevailed in a case filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County against the firm’s client, a residential facility in the Bronx. The plaintiff, who represented himself pro se, alleged multiple claims, including property damage and personal injuries. 

Alex, who represented the client in prior matters brought by the same plaintiff, investigated all claims at the start of the case to determine it was another meritless lawsuit brought by the plaintiff, thereby shaping her defense strategy: to file a motion to dismiss to minimize her client’s legal spend and to protect them from (another) meritless claim. Alex filed the motion to dismiss with compelling responses to each of the plaintiff’s allegations, convincing the court there was no legal basis for them. Accordingly, the court granted the firm’s motion, an unusual decision as New York courts typically do not dismiss cases with pro se plaintiffs, especially pre-discovery.

Also unusual was the quick resolution of this case. In a time when cases are languishing as a result of the pandemic, this case was resolved in less six months, from the filing of the case to the court’s decision.