Verne Pedro joined a faculty of eight New Jersey attorneys for the New Jersey State Bar Association “Second Annual Insurance Law Institute” webcast on August 4 and 5, 2021. Programming focused on detailed reviews of policy terms of general liability, property, employment practices and cyber risk policies and discussions about related case law.

Each session focused on a different type of policy: Verne presented on employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) and case law addressing coverages, exclusions, conditions, and typical endorsements. They also addressed stand-alone policies, how policies interact with each other, and why each policy is necessary in today’s commercial world.

Specific questions that were addressed include:

– What does an “occurrence” mean? 
– When does an insurer have a duty to defend? 
– What the expected or intended injury exclusion means? 
– When do I have to give notice?
– What is business interruption?
– What about my COVID losses?
– Am I protected if I am sued for discrimination or harassment? 
– Can I get coverage for social media risks? 
– What if my business is hacked?

Verne Pedro is managing partner of Fullerton Beck’s New Jersey office. His practice is focused on complex insurance coverage matters, including commercial general liability, directors and officers, errors and omissions, cyber and data loss, professional liability, employment practices, and property. He draws on nearly 20 years of experience handling significant first- and third-party insurance coverage issues and helping clients make informed decisions about their insurance assets, policies, and risk transfer strategies.